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[Bits of the Day] Win Dinner with Detroit’s “Yoga Stars”; Lenovo’s “Pocket Yoga” Just a Pipe Dream

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pizza-buddhaDining with the Yoga Stars: If you’re a yogi (or not too, we guess) in Detroit, you could win a chance to dine with the city’s yoga stars! Er…really? “Yoga Stars“?  Gimme a break, we thought, it’s not even Russell Simmons! Then we saw the dinner is hosted by Buddy’s Pizza, whose owner found yoga 18 years ago to help recover from Guillain-Barre syndrome, a rare autoimmune disease. Oh. Also, the “stars” are actually a varied gaggle of teachers: Katherine Lucas, founder of Karma Yoga, Inc.; Sara Davidson, ERYT-500; Aaron E. Fenton (ashtanga) Yoga Room; and Linda Kay Nathan of Yoga Shelter. Besides pizza and yogi chat, the prize also includes a limo ride, a makeover and other goodies. So if you’ve got 100 words or less to describe why you deserve to win you might as well go for it. [Hometown Life]

On a side note, we were so ahead of ourselves with the “Yoga with the Stars” idea…into production!

lenovo-pocket-yoga-netbookThe “Pocket Yoga”: Did we mention we’re totally on the netbook train? They’re tiny and awesome and we want one! Perhaps tech company Lenovo read our minds. Photos leaked yesterday of a mini pocket-sized netbook dubbed the “Pocket Yoga,” to which we were both annoyed and intrigued. Well, if like us you got your hopes up, we’re all out of luck. The product was as dubious as the use of “yoga” in its name . Turns out it was just a design idea from 2 years ago, which was never intended for actual production. Too bad. We were so ready to be packing bliss in our pocket. [Wired] [FastCompany]

More “Pocket Yoga” pics to crush your tiny dreams:



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