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Are All Yoga Mags Approaching Extinction?

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tombstone-yoga-magsLast week we mentioned the news of ascents descent into the print media graveyard at the end of this month – not a huge shocker in today’s newspaper and print death march (obviously it’s not just yoga mags going the way of the dodo bird). As the Drishti Blog pointed out, those who still enjoy their yoga articles in tangible format will be hard pressed to find old faves, like Yogi Times and Namarupa, on shelves these days. Meanwhile pubs like Elephant Journal have evaded the reaper by making the necessary-for-survival cost-saving shift to online.  Those that are still standing are few:  Yoga Journal, which had its own slimming down (even online, which we didn’t quite understand); LA Yoga; Fit Yoga; and new quarterly YogaMom (having it’s untimely launch last year).

So will these remaining rags dissolve into oblivion? Will they blossom onto the interwebs? Will they just start twittering articles in 140 characters and live happily ever after? We have no idea! How much money has each Editor-in-Chief stashed under their mattress? Frankly, print can be nice, but it’s really not necessary.  Needless to say you won’t be seeing a YogaDork zine hitting your doorstep, ever. As long as the organizations stay in tact we don’t need to hold a few glossy pages in our hands – it just means you ‘light readers’ will have to remember to tote your laptops and iphones into the toilet.

Here’s hoping the mags can withstand economic windfall, but if not, we welcome hard knocks yogi journalists to the yogasphere.

Maybe you’re already tired of the unmanageable disarray of printed magazines cluttering up your corners collecting dust? If you have the time and are so inclined, try these tips for shedding the pages. From AnthroYogini Blog:

1.  I keep a day book (it’s just a lined note book) in which I write ideas and journal entries, so I cut out inspirational pictures and quotes and stuck them in

2.  Some of the articles are a useful resource for teaching -but not everything in a magazine is useful. I cut out those that were and put them in a folder.

3.  Recipes. Yoga magazines often have yummy recipes (like the one I found in Fit Yoga years ago for Yogi Chai). I cut these out and glued them into my personal recipe book.

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    you might be interested in the latest post on my other blog….

  • Drishti

    Hey! Thanks so much for mentioning Drishti in this post. Your blog is totally frickin’ awesome… We are definitely new fans. And we just blogrolled you!

  • kim

    great blog with essentials to know about with the yoga craze and helping distinguish what is important and worth mentioning or talking about in
    yogi living ! am ecstatic i found this blog!!!

  • julie

    Hey! You forgot to include a great magazine among your list of survivors: Yoga+ (www.yogaplus.org). It’s the best one out there…

  • julie

    P.S. Like ascent, Yoga+ is an independently published magazine about yoga philosophy and practice…as well as yoga in action.

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