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[caption] Shenae Grimes On Way To Yoga, Stops To Ask If Anyone’s Seen Her Missing Posture

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EXCLUSIVE: Shenae Grimes Going To Power Yoga

“So you’re saying maybe it went that way? Oh, you’re telling me I should go to yoga class because it’s obviously not working yet.”

Seriously girl, stand up straight. You’re doing irreparable damage to the Celebriyogi image (narf).

Shenae Grimes, of 90210 reloaded fame, on her way to power yoga at Mark Blanchard’s this past Sunday in LA.

The papz love to follow her to yoga class, we saw Ms. Grimes freshly steamed from Bikram last month.

EXCLUSIVE PIX by Flynet ©2009

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  • Corey Tvars

    My GOD! A celebrity who isn’t perfect!? Who does she think she is? . . going out in public . . for shame. But you got her good! Now I can briefly feel better about my self image while at the same time buying into the impossible ideal that we perpetuate.

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