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Canada’s Ascent Yoga Mag To Make Final Descent This Month

in YD News

ascentweb-banner_closingBoy, these days there’s no scarcity of yoga blowhards lurking around very corner of the yogasphere. ahem. We love all our pedagogy yogi brethren.

However, it just makes it even harder to say goodbye to a longstanding publication that has upheld such high standards in the world of yoga journalism. This month marks the last in a ten year run for Canada’s ascent, “an independent, not-for-profit magazine of yoga and engaged spirituality.”

If you were a fan and would like to contribute your own eulogy of sorts, or perhaps donate to their $18,000 bill for publishing the final 10th anniversary issue go to www.ascentmagazine.com

Because what goes up must come down, spinning wheel…well you get it.

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