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[Blogging Yoga] Hedonist Edition: Are you a Yog-Gay? Yoga+Wine Debauchery

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somewhere over the rainbow…

‘Moron’ the real yoga discussion: Are you a Yog-Gay? Are you ready to get into a heated bunched-panties discussion about the moral implications of Yoga and Homosexuality? Elephant Journal’s ringmaster Waylon Lewis takes on the debate with great form. So which are you, hedonistic heathen or forbidding puritan? Clearly it’s cut and dry. [elephantjournal] [Huffington Post]

yeahdave-wine-yogaYoga: Drink it In: In further hedonistic fashion you might be one of those mat-toting martini-soaking yogi infidels (cheers!). If you enjoy an adult beverage every now and then, and perhaps the sweet indulgence of chocolate and good food, you can now delight yourself in the newest yoga fusion:  the Yoga Cocktail Party.
Talk about the fruits of your efforts, David Romanelli (yeahdave) teaches yoga classes in the sunshine state and caps them off with treats like wine + chocolate, olives + cheese (so cali of him!). If we didn’t know any better we’d say this might be a recipe for post-yoga debauchery, with all that vulnerable energy flying around. It actually sounds like a fab idea, and a real test in thought control during practice… just mind the drool while you’re in down dog. Oh and we’re not saying you’re a lush, but keep that kundalini in your pants. [LA Times Blogs]

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