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Sharon Gannon On Yoga and Vegetarianism, Slowly Digesting Magical Words

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yoga-and-vegetarianism-sharon-gannonSharon Gannon of Jivamukti has a new book (sorta, it dropped Nov 1, 2008). It’s called Yoga and Vegetarianism: The Diet of Enlightenment, and Ecorazzi has an exclusive interview on the mesmerizing capacity of words, why she chose the subject, and everyone’s favorite Celebriyogi pal Russell Simmons. Oh and the pending Apocalypse.

Our favorite bits…

On her apparently painstakingly slow-burn writing process:

“… I will write a word and then get stopped in my tracks as I ask myself, “why that word? What does it really mean?” I may break the word apart into syllables, I may repeat it out-loud over and over,  I may look it up in the dictionary and seek the etymological source…all of that very often contributes to a sort of magical experience, where my perception of the word or of a concept shifts and expands.”

Yikes. Obviously this book is meant for the slow digesters.

Favorite part about writing the book:

“#1. Being finished.”

(sheesh no kidding!)

2 and 3?

#2. Being blessed to have the insight in chapter six about aparigraha and how it relates to 2012, time and the pending Apocalypse.
#3. Going on tour and having a chance to speak about the book to people and answer their questions in person.

Why Vegetarianism?

“Eating a vegetarian diet will do more to help bring you to a place of peace, harmony and well-being then any other thing you can do.”

“Each one of those yamas supports a vegetarian (vegan) diet. I think it is self-evident why. But if the reader is unsure then read my book, because the basis of the whole book is drawn from this concept of the yamas.”

On Russell Simmons (this guy gets around!)

“I have a very playful relationship with Russell. We have a lot of fun.

Just about everyday he takes class at our School in NYC. He certainly spends more time there than I do and probably knows more about what is going on in the classes than I do—cause he is there everyday.”

[read the expanded interview at Ecorazzi]

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  • I frickin detest the spreading of the myth that its better to be a vegetarian!

    Y’know, I was a vegetarian for nearly 20 years, and I have to say that it was never because I was a yogi! And in fact, I’ve been encouraged by my yoga teacher to eat meat… if we’re all meant to be one and all that, then what’s the difference??

    Sure, there’s some meditation practices etc, where its better for you if you don’t eat meat for a while. But its such a myth that all yogis are vegos!!

  • i think the veggie lifestyle for yoga when the yoga ideals were established, but just like the poses, our nutrition has also evolved. and even though i am a veggie (mostly due to an evil bout of food poisoning and a sensitive stomach) i believe you can be a meat eater and still yogic 🙂 just choose consciously on what animals you choose to consume!

  • I’m more passionate about mindful eating than I am about a particular diet.

    I am suspect of anyone talking about apocalypse, however. *facepalm* I take my spirituality with a heaping side of pragmatism, and that sort of thing immediately sets my teeth on edge.

  • Now that I know we are all going to die in 2012, who cares about being a vegetarian or meat eater. I myself am going to track down that Spitzer call girl. What studio did you say she practices at??? 😉

  • I wonder what she would tell the Dalai Lama about his eating meat. That he’s a bad person?

  • admin

    Hey all, great comments and great discussion. It’s such an interesting topic with yoga entering a next level of assimilation.
    YogaDawg you crack me up. Though you might want to look for another broad who hasn’t been around the yoga block so many times.

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