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Ashley Dupre: Spitzer Call Girl Finds Yoga Salvation

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ashley-dupre-nypostNY Gov. Elliot Spitzer’s  scandalous call girl, Ashley Dupre, was charging the obscene sum of $4,000 an hour for services at the height of her prostitution career. But those hard-living street days are long gone, thanks to yoga, and Celebriyogi mentoring from Russell Simmons!

“The past year has obviously been very difficult for me,” Dupre tells Page Six’s Neel Shah. “Yoga has really helped me turn it into a huge learning experience. I’m working hard to take what I went through and turn it into something positive. Yoga helps me focus.”

Russell Simmons and I have been going to the same class, and he’s just an amazing and wonderful person and spirit,” Dupre says of the rap impresario and Def Jam co-founder. “He’s become a mentor, and has helped me work through my issues. I feel liberated and honored that people like him support me. I’m starting to feel respected for who I am.”

No Playboy or Penthouse but we expect to be equally offended by her pop album due out some time next year (goodness), and a memoir of sorts surely coming down the pike.

Little did we know all we had to do to be successful was work our way up the prostitution ranks to high-paying clients, get exposed in a scandal, find salvation and live to tell the tale in many subsequent business ventures. FML.

[NYP Page Six]

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