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This Week in Yoga: Can’t We All Be Down Dog Millionaires?

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Hey! We made it through the first week of March! Only 2 more weeks until the official start of spring. Let’s see if we can make it without more snow (we’re typing in purpley pink for good luck).

This is what happened this week in yoga…

First off…we learned today that FitYoga empress Beth Shaw won the megamillions of yoga and scored herself a nice pad for $1.3 million.

Recession Yoga Update: We pondered the lessons the Great Depression can teach us about our current situation and the boom of Recession Yoga.

Yoga Crime Update: The Graspin’ Aspen yoga teacher was slapped with more counts of sexual misconduct, and 2 felony charges. We’ll see him back in court come April.

We learned yoga can be translated into any language, even sign language for the deaf.

We declared Cat Yoga Day! and put out the call to yogi investors out there for the much needed Yoga Holster.

Weekend plans? Watch the animated story of Ramayana, “Sita Sings the Blues”

And don’t forget, most of us will lose an hour this weekend due to daylight savings time. So make like Belinda Carlisle and get in some restorative yoga to reclaim your energy.

oh and we announced a little SALE on our Yoga Is My Bailout tee… we might have mentioned that once or twice.

Have a great weekend!

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