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Indonesia Consummates Commitment With Country’s First Yoga Association

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invishighfiveOk so which one of you misanthropes thought Indonesia wasn’t serious about yoga? Cause they are SO serious. And now they have the obligatory foundation to prove it!  The Bali Yoga Festival has been a success so far and a highlight to yesterday’s festivities was the announcement of  the inception of their first yoga association. It’s kind of a big deal considering yoga was ostensibly banned in the country by the ruling Muslim Council, even though Indonesian yogis carried on anyway (chilling out on the chanting, presumably). As it turns out, all the attention yoga received, with the ban first in Malaysia and wafting into Indonesia, actually seems to have benefited yoga in the nation. Sure yoga practitioners existed in pockets, but now they’re associated!

Under the auspicious supervision of Somvir, an Indian guru who started the Bali India Foundation about a decade ago, the new association is meant to unite and spread awareness:

“There are many yoga centres here in Bali and elsewhere but hardly anyone knows each other. This association will be like an umbrella organisation to exchange ideas, information and ultimately spread awareness that yoga is a medium to good health,” Somvir told IANS at the festival Thursday.

Already 30 yoga centers from various parts of Indonesia like Bali, Java and Lombo have hopped on board. We don’t blame them. We’d sign up too if there were a major religious organization out for our demise. Congrats to the Indo-yogis. Coconut waters and high fives all around.

[Sindh Today]

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