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FitYoga’s Beth Shaw, Down Dog Millionaire! Buys $1.3 Mil. LA Home

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beth-shaw-million-dollar-fityoga-homeAnd here we were thinking only Yoga Don Bikram lived the extravagant life of  Rolls Royces and Rolexes. Beth June Shaw, marketing guru and captain of the YogaFit ship, must’ve had $1.349 million burning a hole in the hidden pocket of her Lululemon pants, because that’s what she paid on Jan. 22 for a three-bedroom, two-bath at 736 Calle De Arboles Dr. in Torrance, from the very regal sounding Herbert and Kathryn Goodrich. Since the housing market is so in the gutter right now maybe this was a great deal*, though for that much she could’ve bought up all of Detroit. Or purchased her own island which is probably what old Herb and Kat are up to as we speak, after pawning their jewels and buying up as many gold bars as would fit in their suitcases.

As you can see from Google Maps street view above, the new crib is either a lovely split level home or a vacant dirt pile. We’re hoping for $1.3 mil it’s the former.

*probably not though according to Blockshopper the Median Sale Price for the last 12 mos. in Torrance is $585,000.

[LA Blockshopper]

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  • cranking out all those “yoga teachers” who learn all about how to teach in one weekend seems very lucrative!

  • am going to borrow this for the Yoga Journey, giving you credit, of course…..

  • admin

    hi linda, absolutely! be my guest

  • thanks for making us feel all warm and fuzzy inside

  • rejext

    Ok look. Beth Shaw does great things for the world. Her teacher training program requires community service from all of its trainees. Shaw is on the board for the National Humane Society and is also on the board of the American Civil Liberties Union. She and her company donate a ton to charity and provide FREE teacher training to individuals working with at-risk communities (ie: social workers, special education teachers, etc.) Do some homework before you criticize.

    And in response to Linda, YogaFit does not “crank out” teachers in one weekend. It’s a Registered Yoga School with the National Yoga Alliance at the 200hour and 500hour level.


    That woman is unethical and a fraud.
    I worked there and my way of working is to be honest and put in a full days work. That’s just who I am. She’s not on those Boards you mentioned. Do your homework too but your comment is just a plant anyway. Donations? Nope. Squeeze everything for free money for sponsors. Greedy and underhanded.

    She didn’t fully pay me after I worked 2 months on contract that she didn’t fulfill. Many have not been paid what they were promised it’s her reputation.
    I saw daily abuse of her staff by her with scare tactics and ways to rip people off and the IRS
    She blatantly lies and her public image is not the real monster.
    She basically told me I had to quit or die there if I didn’t quit
    More stories to tell, so many.
    I was given a job and it kept changing and she played staff against each other

    Stealing was happening by someone still at the company who was paid hourly who changed the reports so she got paid for hours when she wasn’t even working.

    Stay away don’t be fooled. Its a sinking ship and Im so much healthier after leaving.
    Talk to some other ex employees ask why so many people keep quitting and leaving her. Bi-polar, manic, sociopath. That’s her.

    Get the full story. Don’t believe the hype and articles because I help entrepreneurs and I have great marketing skills I know when there’s something rotten at a company.

    Get in touch for more or share your experience with me and lets have some laughs.

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