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Yoga in Any Language: Teaching Deaf Yoga

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You know what? It’s efforts like this that make us such proud little misty-eyed yogadorks. There are certain Yoga Heroes out there who have already helped so many different flavors of yogis: the incarcerated, the homeless, the recovering. If this doesn’t warm the old ticker on this dreary omg-it’s-cold-is-it-almost-spring day then you need to go back to the Wizard cause he gave you a dud.

deafyoga-logoThe Beverly School for the Deaf and the Children’s Center for Communication in Mass. has started offering yoga classes for the first time as part of their physical therapy program. “The kids become more relaxed academically and behaviorally, and it provides a greater focus,” said Executive Director Mark Carlson. The center serves students who are deaf, hard of hearing, nonverbal or have speech difficulties. Huge karma kudos to yoga teacher Nicole Underwood for seeing the sign and initiating the yoga program. Some believe the children are our future.

Also, in further research, did you know about the Deaf Yoga Foundation? If you were wondering, sanskrit can be translated into sign language. While yoga class for the deaf is surely more visual we can only imagine the practice and vibration of  “Om” resonates just as deeply, if not deeper.

Yoga for everyone!

Below: Founder of Deaf Yoga Foundation Lila Lolling


photo cred and ’06 article about Ms. Lolling

Deaf Yoga Foundation

[Salem News]

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  • I have to say, this really does warm my heart right where it needs to be warmed. Thanks for sharing this great news!

  • James Shannon

    Hi there,

    I am in Dublin Ireland, I am currently nearing the end of my yoga teacher training and I would like to find ways to develop a class for people with hearing difficulties. Any feedback would be appreciated.

  • Cathy Osterman

    Where can I purchases a beginner’s deaf yoga DVD? I aminterested in deaf yoga, as I am deaf with a few health issues. My doctors recommend yoga to help me. I am a deaf adult.

  • Hi Cathy! Founder of the DeafYoga Foundation, Lila Lolling, offers a beginner asl yoga DVD through her website: http://www.yogawithlila.com/_/DVD.html

    James: Check here: http://www.deafyoga.org/Studios.html and scroll down for some Deaf-friendly techniques.

    Thank you both for your interest!
    ~Alaura (DYF volunteer office staff)

  • Namaste everyone, I know a yoga teacher, Leonarda Ehl, who teaches yoga in ASL here in Vancouver BC Canada. She’s also got a DVD, teaching hatha yoga. Here’s the trailer…
    And the DVD:
    Happy New Year, by the way! 🙂

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