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Yoga Is My Bailout: ‘Tax Season is a Bitch’ SALE!

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well who doesn’t love a  sale.

Yoga Is My Bailout is now $18 until the end of March!*

So far we’ve received an awesome response to our Yoga Is My Bailout tee – even got a mention on Yoga Journal!

Needless to say, we know it’s tough living, and if we could, we’d hand these shirts out for free Nina Paley style.  But because we’re not Bernarr Macfadden and enjoy eating food, instead it’s our pleasure to offer a substantial discount on our tee through the end of this month.

Please enjoy the Tax Season is a Bitch’ Sale, our own stimulus of sorts.

Yoga Is My Bailout, Orig. $24, Now $18 through March 31.

*(and maybe a little after – we know all too well about waiting til the last minute to submit those stinkin’ taxes)



100% Organic Bamboo. 100% YogaDork.

Hey studios, teachers, wholesalers galore – email us for wholesale prices! yogadork@gmail.com

Thanks to everyone for the recognition…please keep spreading the Yoga Is My Bailout message around to your pals.

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