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[Bits of the Day] Belinda Carlisle Restores with Yoga; Bali Yoga Fest Sallies Forth Despite Fatwa

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Boy the air seems a little thick with gloom today, eh? let’s see if we can’t cheer us up with some news bits positivity.

belinda-carlisle-dancing-with-the-stars-yogaBelinda Carlisle Go-Go’s to Yoga (heh):  Former Go-Go’s pop star, Belinda Carlisle (remember her? she had some big solo hits in the 80s too) is currently enjoying stress-free prep for Dancing With the Stars thanks to restorative yoga. The rehearsals are grueling – we heard Jewel’s having some knee issues – but 50 year old Belinda knows supta baddha konasana when the cha-cha shoes come off. “I know this wreaks havoc on the body,” says Carlisle. “But I do certain things to take care of myself. I do restorative yoga every day before rehearsals.” We know what you’re thinking, but still no word on her move to host the next hit reality show, yogadawg productions’ Yoga With the Stars.  [E! Online]

bali-yoga-fest-opening-ceremony-09Bali Yoga Festival is Underway!: Remember back in February when the Ulema Council hit Indonesian Muslims with the fatwa stick? And then the people responded with a resounding “meh“? Well, score one more for yoga in Indonesia, “spiritual tourism” wins this round! The Bali Yoga Fest, which had it’s opening day yesterday, is technically adhering to the yoga ban by avoiding the forbidden sin of chanting, while working hard to encourage visits from “spiritual tourists” seeking to practice yoga in its physical form. Wait, what?
The Fest continues through March 10, still time to buy your tickets! [Jakarta Post]

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  • We got the beat we got the beat we got the beat Yeah! we got the beat….

    Sticking that song in my head with the Go-Go’s reference was really NOT positive karma…

  • ariadna

    I just can’t wait to Bali Spirit Festival 2012. Some discounted tickets: http://bit.ly/BaliSpiritFestival

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