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UPDATE: Graspin’ Aspen Yoga Teacher Scandal, Charges Upgraded: 2 Felony Counts!

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gotojail_aumthumbAn update to the Graspin’ Aspen Yoga teacher scandal! Steven Jon Roger was arrested in January on charges of sexual assault alleged by female students at O2 Aspen yoga studio. As you may recall, the accused was originally facing 1 felony count of sexual assault and 4 misdemeanor counts of sexual misconduct. Well, since his arrest, two more women have come forward to report offenses. Yesterday was his big day in court where he faced a grand total of two felony counts of sexual assault, and five misdemeanors, with the maximum sentence still 10+ years in the slammer.

Back in Jan we posed the question to the yogadork gallery…fair or foul? Was this dude just being a concerned “adjuster”? But we have to wonder about his case for innocence, with all these women stepping up to speak out about the gropey guru placing his hands on their lower backs and “[slipping his] hand down the back of the woman’s pants without her consent.”  Whata  creep! Well, he’s out now on $7,500 bond and due back in court April 6. Not teaching yoga we guess.

Now, this is clearly a touchy subject (ugh) for the teacher-student relationship. Seriously though, there’s a level of trust involved, especially when it comes to the supposed sanctuary of a yoga class. If a teacher is “adjusting” you and grabbing your ass speak up!

And then what about partner and acro yoga? Where’s the line on the good touch/bad touch? And we’re talking fellow students, not just the teacher.We don’t remember signing the waiver for that.

[Aspen Times]

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  • Just another example of the inevitable outcome of the phony yoga movement. The list just keeps on growing from Rama, Muktananda, Desai, Yee, Saidman, etc.

    Real Yoga is, of course, Hinduism (and related religions); anything else is 100% phony and, inevitably, leads to these scandals.
    What a sham(e).

  • Rob

    Did I miss your further update to this case being dismissed? Along with Aspen Times link reporting such? At least their revelling in the salacious and prurient is somewhat understandable from the point of view of non-practitioners. But as for self-styled yoga dorks, I find this unbelievable as would anyone who knew or took a class from Steve Rogers. If somebody considers an adjustment ‘unacceptable’ they should have the courage to simply say so, get up and walk away. The idea of turning to the legal system and custodial sentences is unconscionable. Fortunately, the judge saw it right away. No case to answer. Any hope of large awards from the studio’s (rich) owner were dashed. Along with Steve’s career in western Colorado. Meanwhile you should take this stuff down (which I found in an unrelated Aspen yoga search) after the final outcome. There is nothing good in this for the whole yoga community.

  • Anastacia Hunter

    It seems that we are all struggling to find our way in these fast times. We are all human. Steve Rogers taught me some incredible yoga. He is gifted and he is imperfect, as we all are. We are all seeking homeostasis, trying to find our way, get our needs and urges met, and strike a balance or pose!

    In Steve’s defense, over the years of practicing with him, I watched many a consenting adult woman engage him and turn on the sexy. Many woman were seductive and seeking his attention and encouraged his advances. When his attention shifted to the next new thing, often RAGE ensued in these consenting and encouraging women. It is my opinion, that some men are always willing to engage and test limits with consenting females. Females, as adult women, need to take responsibility for the power of their sexuality and once unleashed, not be shocked by the advances and consequences. The women I witnessed Steve Rogers engage, were the same ones who later (when he moved on to the next enticement and no longer made that woman feel special and like the ONE and only,) were the same women who later turned their involvement and interactions with Steve, in retrospect, into something ugly! Although consenting at the time, somehow these women were left feeling violated and victimized, because they are NOT taking full responsibility nor being honest with their roles in the interactions. Steve never was inappropriate with me, because my boundaries were clear and I kept it about the yoga, and so did he. When responsibility is taken, when adults take pride in controlling their own sexuality, then there seems to be less fingers pointing and blaming others!

    Anastacia Hunter

  • Matters

    Is this the same Steve “The Bean” Rogers, a fellow taper?

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