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[Blogging Yoga] Who Created the Yoga Mat? And the Yoga Holster?

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The word on the yoga blogs…all about keeping ‘things’ in place.

Yoga Mat Sticky Origins: Have you ever wondered who created the yoga mat? Maybe it was while you were hovering face down in plank staring at the pool of sweat gathered below your nose. We sweat on and beat up our mats so much, but do we even know the history of their birth? Shameful. Thankfully Yoga Journal is here to set us straight with the story of how the yoga mat gained traction. Hint: It began with a London yogi in Germany, inspired by Greece. (it was carpet padding!) [Read the rest at Yoga Journal] Also, you can check out a Wall Street Journal review (Yes WSJ) of current yoga mat selection, featuring YD pal LotusPad.

mens-tiger-print-yoga-shorts “Because yoga is not a ball sport”: We know by now that the dude yogawear market is grossly under served, but we also wondered whether or not guys would even want the special attire attention. And then, we were reminded by freebean’s free-swinging interview with a character named YogaBalls on why the right shorts are important for keeping everything in place, and the twists exclusively to the spine, if you know what we mean. Perhaps another type of “prop” is in demand then? We’ll call it the the ‘Yoga Holster’! You business-yogi types can run with that one. You’re welcome.

[Read  more of the interview at Elephantbeans]

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