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[Because It’s Cat Yoga Day!] Cats Are Yoga Naturals, In Your Face Dogs!

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Happy Tuesday March 3! It’s  Cat Yoga Day! For real, we just dubbed it as such. And to celebrate, please enjoy the gifts made possible by the inter-twitter-webs, and the handiwork of camera-ready web-savvy pet owners.

Here are just a few of our favorite kitty yoga internet stars.

See the slew of Kitty Cat yoga pics gathered from flickr at guidespot. Thanks to @YogaDiaries & @AmericanAnimal

(Kitty) Up Dog



(Kitty) Down Dog



(Kitty) Supta Padangusthasana ?



And just for added kicks. This agile cat has got his nadis in order.

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  • Oh yes, love this post. My cat does wonderful asana, too. Take that dogs!

  • Fortunately dogs are far too enlightened in their yoga to get baited into any kind of competition with cats about who’s more yogic….

  • admin

    ohh.. a cat fight! harr
    we stand firm on our paws cause…truly our feline friends do not get enough yoga recognition.

  • LOL @ YD

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