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Gwyneth Paltrow on Her Stressful Celebri-Yoga Life, Absent Plans to Become Lifestyle Guru

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gwyneth-paltrow-yogaEvidently, it’s Gwyneth Paltrow Day in the yogasphere. New York Magazine was also at the fundraising event last night and caught up with the Goop-y one on how being an uber celebrity is so stressful, why she speaks the word of yoga and her blase position on future plans as a lifestyle guru.

“I think what stresses me out the most is trying to do so many things at once all the time, trying to be a good, present mother, trying to act, to cook,” Paltrow told us at the Bent on Learning gala last night. “I do a lot at once, and I think that sometimes the idea of trying to do all of that stresses me out a lot,” she says. Also, there’s traffic. “Traffic really fucking stresses me out,” Paltrow adds.

Celebriyogis are just like us! When asked about venturing into the realm of lifestyle guru, what with her new Goop website and newsletter causing all the rage (seriously some people get so snarly about it), Paltrow simply states that she’s in it for the enjoyment and the only real business-y deal is a book she’s working on. So no Goop Mag or Goop Soup talk show in her near future.

We have nothing against the gal. She is just sort of… blah. Then again, it is slightly annoying that she recommends The Ritz as THE place to stay in Paris in her latest newsletter (as if).

What’s her favorite yoga pose? the humble cobbler’s Baddha Konasana “It’s the most painful, but then it gets me the furthest,” she explains.

[NY Mag]

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  • Great! Another ‘Celebriyogi’ who is starting a yoga business… I wonder how that will turn out… This is a joke right?
    I suppose if they bring someone to Yoga, who would not have otherwise check it out is a good thing…

  • adw

    As much as i love you YogaDork this is all getting a bit old (not to mention a little un-yogic). What exactly is wrong with Gwyneth writing goop if she wants to. Personally, while there’s no way I’ll be staying at the Ritz anytime soon, I think her detox recipies are pretty damn good

  • admin

    @adw Thanks for reading and contributing. For all intents and purposes this really wasn’t an attack on the handiwork of Ms. Paltrow (actually we were finally curious enough to sign up for the goop-letter after we read this story). Besides, the goopster’s rabid detractors have it all covered on Gawker (Gwyneth Paltrow Has No Real Friends), hence our “snarly” mention. As far as being un-yogic, we do take our liberties, as humor often does, but yogadorks we are, not exactly purists. It’s a different kind of blog, some may have noticed 🙂

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