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[Bits of the Day] India’s Big Oscar Night; Lulu Won’t Stoop to Olympic Sponsorships (Kinda); Ramdev’s Empire Grows with Food

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India Wins Big at the Oscars! Winning top awards in Best Director, Best Original Score AND Song, and the coveted Best Picture category, a total of 8 statues for the fantastic flick Slumdog Millionaire.

In his acceptance speech for Best Sound Mixing, Resul Pookutty gave thanks, “I come from a country and a civilization that given the universal word. That word is preceded by silence, followed by more silence. That word is ‘Om.’ So I dedicate this award to my country.”

Congrats to all involved, and to those cute little kids! If you haven’t seen the film may we recommend it for your next Netflix rotation? The soundtrack is awesome as well.

Lululemon Gets to 2010 Olympic Hopefuls Through the Back Door of a Resort: It’s not your typical sponsorship. Lululemon doesn’t agree with doling money handouts just for Canadian athletes to march around sporting lulu garb for “free”. Nope they want something in return for that “ohm” logo: unfaltering piety loyalty. So instead, the Lulus believe in the full ‘grassroots’ method of infiltration, through the lure of clothing discounts, free yoga, and pricey retreat cabins for the athletes to relax.  Some see it as a nice gesture, “just what those athletes really need.” We think it’s weird and bribey, but then we remembered what a sponsorship is in the first place. Still, call us old fashioned.  [CTV British Columbia]

Ramdev Joins the Food Wars, Starts Own Industrial Food Processing Compound: The man does not quit. First, the entreprenuer guru takes over the internet and now he’s taking aim at the food industry! Swami Ramdev is launching his very own war against soda, and food really, with Patanjali Food and Herbal Park Ltd, a planned 95 acre factory complex (India’s first by the way) set to break ground this Wednesday Feb. 25.  The inital phase is the production of beverages from Aloe Vera, mint, tulsi, tomato, cucumber and wheat grass, a benefit to local farmers who grow the crops. Oh, and it’s only the first in a plan for 10 mega food parks, as they call them, to take shape in the next 5 years.  Seriously, this man is a force. Hey if you can’t patent thousand year old yoga poses you might as well branch out.  No word on the Cow Urine production just yet. [Business-Standard]

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