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[Bits of the Day] Free Yoga Girl Vector Download; Kids Learn Hebrew with Yoga; Follow-up to ‘Yoga School Dropout’

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yoga_girl_vector‘Yoga Girl’ Free Vector Download: For all you yogadorks and designer nerds out there we found a pretty goodie for you in our internet travels. This vector image is free to download and you can do with it what you wish. (fyi: briefly, a vector image is a super high-quality scalable and fully customizable image usually created in adobe illustrator).  [Download from e-maniacs.com]

alef-bet-yoga-for-kidsHebrew and Yoga Together at Last: Well we’ve certainly been hearing about Jewish Yoga a lot lately, eh? “Religious” yoga mutations kinda give us the heebs, but who can argue when it’s encouraging kiddies to get involved in the practice, and it’s educational! Certainly not husband-wife team Bill and Ruth Goldeen who wrote Alef-Bet Yoga for Kids, a book that uses traditional and modified yoga poses to teach the Hebrew alphabet.   [Dallas News]

yoga_school_dropoutRe-Questing the Meaning of Life: Londoner Lucy Edge wrote Yoga School Dropout from her diaries after going on a  spiritual quest through India. Have you heard this one before? We haven’t read it, but it sounds Eat, Pray, Love-ish in epiphany-seeking tone and humor. Anyway, if you liked that one you’ll be interested to know she’s just submitted her final manuscript for the follow up to YSD, about her “quest for yogic serenity in the windy reaches of Norfolk”.  We should expect to see it on Amazon’s bookshelves some time in August 2009. [YogaSchoolDropout.com]

Yoga Booklist: If you’re looking for a great list of books to get you started on your own “yoga journey” pop over to Linda’s Yoga Blog. Don’t be deterred by the headiness of some of the titles and topics… we’re all students here, find enlightenment at your own pace.

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  • wow, thanks for the link love, YDork!

    I LOVE Yoga School Dropout — I’ve read Eat Pray Love, Enlightenment for Idiots, Holy Cow, and The Yoga Teacher and I think Edge’s book is the best of that genre. She is right-on when she describes India and the westerners going to India to study yoga. I should know because I’ve studied three times at one of the schools she mentions.

    Her book is the real deal.

  • Hebrew and Yoga jointly at previous: healthy we’ve surely been trial about Jewish Yoga a lot recently, eh? “Spiritual” yoga mutation kind of give us the herbs, but who can quarrel when it’s hopeful kiddies to get concerned inside the perform, also it’s learning!

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