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Yoga Retreat Center Sued for Dam Fish Kill

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pigeon_river_mi_troutSong of the Morning Ranch* is being sued by the state of Michigan for lapse of management of a private dam on their property. The state and the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality say the center released water and sediment in June 2008 which caused a large fish kill either due to lack of oxygen from sediment overload, or thermal shock.  Bummer. The full extent of the damage to the trout population is yet to be surveyed.  Now pollution is a concern and of course the stench of rotting dead fish. The retreat center insists it was unintentional, but the state still wants them to pay for damages and remove the damn dam, especially because this is not the first incident. To which we say, get rid of the dam, the dam fish are worth it! [Detroit Free Press]

Read more at Michigan-Sportsman.com

*warning: the retreat’s website has a really annoying player that takes forever to load and slows down your internet.

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