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[Blogging Yoga] Ordinary Time Travel, Ashtangi in the City, Firm the Arm Flab

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infinite_mirrorsOrdinary Time Travel: Time can seem to creep, or swoosh by at lightning speeds, but really it’s as steady and constant as anything can get…tick, tock. We have no machine to go back in time (yet), but encountering old friends or revisiting a memory is our own ordinary time travel. We’ve been a fan of the thoughtful posts on Ms. Brooks Hall‘s blog for a little while now. Read more about Ordinary Time Travel in her latest post. Also, if you’re really up for the rabbit hole try The Yoga of Time Travel by Fred Alan Wolf. [preview it here]

Ashtangi in the City:  Are you an Ashtanga yogi looking for class options in NYC? Check out elephantbeans.com for a comprehensive list of Ashtanga yoga at the crack of dawn. [Ashtanga Yoga Mysore Class in New York City]

Yoga for the Flabbed: That spot of warm weather we had in the Northeast was quite the teaser! But it is about time we start working on our warmer weather physique wouldn’t you say? Head over to yogadeals.com for some super tips for firming that blasted under arm flab. We’d tack side plank onto the list for good measure. [Wave Bye Bye to Arm Flab]

photo flickr, image from artist Josiah McElheny‘s Mirrored and Reflected Infiinitely at the Milwaukee Art Museum

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  • I love how ashtanga, fighting arm flab, and time travel are all in one post. It’s like the NY Times: the whole world on the front page. 😉

  • Awww. I don’t know how I missed this sweet post. Love you!

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