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[Bits of the Day] The Biggest Yogi for Weight Loss; Jewish Yoga at LimmudLA 2009; Bali Yoga Fest in March

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The Biggest Yogi for Weight Loss: Last week on the NBC reality show The Biggest Loser, housemates explored the the effects of yoga for weight loss, and the popular realization that yoga is harder than it looks. We’re not regular viewers of the show, but the clip of show trainer Bob Harper encouraging the group to relax and have fun is inspiring. Not so coincidentally, Harper has his very own The Biggest Loser: The Workout – Weight Loss Yoga DVD featuring the cast of the show. Watch a clip of the yogis in action above. [Yoga Journal]

My Body Is My Temple: We mentioned Jewish yoga a little while back and we’re so happy we could plotz to find out it was an integral part of an annual conference called LimmudLA, in LA over the weekend. The Jewish “learning event” which brought more than 700 Jews together was punctuated by yoga and Matisyahu, the Orthodox Jewish reggae star. The objective of the conference is to break down barriers that often divide Jews of different religious affiliations. We’re pretty sure yoga and a reggae beatboxing star is substantial progress.  [LA Times]

Yoga Festival in Bali: Nevermind the fatwa, next month Bali will seek a healthy boost to tourism with a week-long yoga festival (March 3-10), promoting the theme: “Yoga for Peace and Health.” Teachers are said to be trekking from all parts of the world to hold classes and speak on all topics yoga. We haven’t seen a guestlist yet, but Bali itself is probably a good enough reason to visit – that is if you aren’t expecting to chant in class, happen to have an extra $1500 burning a hole in your pocket, and can maybe fit us in your suitcase.  [Jakarta Post]

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