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[Bits of the Day]: Bitter Over Gandhi Auction; Bedtime Yoga for Kids; Yoga Helps At-Risk Girls Curb High-Risk Behavior

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gandhi__forsaleBitter Over Gandhi Auction: Yesterday it was announced that Mahatma Gandhi’s possessions will be headed to the auction block March 5 in NY and are expected to go for a handsome dollar. But some are not happy with Gandhi’s goods like his famous steel-rimmed glasses and sandals being auctioned off to the highest bidder. It sort of makes us all look a bit desperate for a buck these days. Perhaps the belongings should be placed in a museum for prosperity instead? [Yahoo! News via PerezHilton]

Bedtime Yoga for Kids: These kidlets are lucky – Yoga, PJs, milk and cookies! A bedtime treat for the youngsters in West Milford, NJ, led by Gymboree veteran and mother of 3,  Sara Van Goor. It’s only once a month – perhaps cookies before bed every night isnt the brightest idea – but maybe it will inspire the kiddies (or parents) to try some bedtime yoga at home. If  only this would work on our unwilling grownup kids as well.  [West Milford Messenger]

Yoga Helps At-Risk Girls Curb High-Risk Behavior: For teen girls who have been abused or involved in crime early in life, yoga helps in offering the tools they need to take a deep breath and move on. At Margaret J. Kemp Camp for Girls, a juvenile justice facility in San Mateo, the girls are instilled with a sense of pride and awareness for their bodies, to help battle the negativity and to give them something to believe in. We can believe in The Art of Yoga Project, the organization behind the program, which is committed to helping at-risk girls prepare for a posiitve future with a dose of yoga and art.  [Inside Bay Area]

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  • Gail Keller, Ph.D.

    Hi, I am a psychologist in an inner city school working with mainly an Africian American population. I have developed a small yoga program for at risk boys with a variety of handicapping conditions. It has been very successful and the girls want to join in so I am looking for a small grant to expand the program. I would also like to add another group of boys. Any ideas as to who/what agency might be interested in sponsoring this type of program? Very excited to see your article and the success of your program. Gail Keller, Ph.D.

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