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Lululemon Internet Greatness (Online Store) Commences April 2009

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lululemon_shopping_cartHey-O! Fire up your online shopping fingers yogums, we have a date! Well, we have a month! April 2009 will see the beginning of a new age, the dawn of the Lulu’s descension on the internet as we know it. We mentioned in Jan the decision to push up their online store launch due to slowed retail growth and the crappy economy. Coinciding with the new interweb strategy is a new product line and perhaps their new blog?? Uh oh! Sound the alarms, fire up the parade. We told you! Internet greatness shall commence. Just in time for complete economic meltdown. Oh, but they are hiring. A fearless warrior  (online business coordinator) is needed to lead the mission. You must be goal-oriented (harr) and great! (duh) so no mediocres need apply, and you better do it quick so you have enough time for “education” at the Forum.

Did we mention they already have close to 1 million addresses at the ready for the launch? Now how do you suppose

And so our only question (suggestion?) is:  Do we get a free bottle of booze with our online purchase, to numb the sting of spending the month’s grocery budget with a side of shipping+handling fees? Seems only fitting.

Thanks to our favorite lululemon stock analyst gumshoe who sniffed this out.

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  • amazing

  • Donna C. Pierce

    wanted to buy a gift card for my daughter-in-law but unable to do so on line — why not?

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