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How to Take Stock of Corporate Yoga in Recession

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wheelwoman_omintheofficeWe’ve been wondering how long it would take for news on the health of Corporate Yoga to pop up, because we’ve been waiting for a good reason to talk about it.

Amid the turbulence, strung out citizens seem to be clinging to yoga as stress relief even more these days, and who could need it more than the overworked American, distraught over massive layoffs and anxious they might be next to get the axe. In this age of Recession Yoga it makes absolute sense (or it should anyway) for companies to make some concessions for its remaining workforce, like soothing their nerves with midday yoga. In that case you’d think there might be a little more buzz about offices adopting yoga programs. But let’s get serious, with all the budgetary cutbacks, and some going so far as to slash free plastic cutlery in the kitchen, is yoga really on the budgetary agenda?

So this story on MSNBC about exercise programs in places like Google and Random House seems nice and all but, sadly, it’s hardly realistic. Besides the fact that Random House, which boasts a 22-year commitment to corporate fitness, had a harsh wave of layoffs itself, with the future of publishing looking grim. Google has  seen its own cutbacks as well.

We agree, yoga is a great idea, but we’re of the mind to believe it’s not priority at a company that’s hemorrhaging employees. And honestly, that money would probably be best used elsewhere (healthcare? pensions? forks?). We’re sure Google’s “Stretching on the Toilet” bathroom publication is a good read, but it probably doesn’t function well as TP when the toiletry budget gets cut!

We expect to be posting more on the Corporate tip soon enough in our continuing coverage of Recession Yoga.

Anyone else experiencing a surge or slowdown in company commissioned yoga?

Also mentioned in the article is “friendly competition” amongst colleagues which strikes a little too closely to The Office’s “Weight Loss” episode where a weight loss competition between branches leaves Kelly starving herself and passing out for the win (it sounds dark, but it’s the usual Office humor).

Working Out From 9 to 5 [MSNBC]

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