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Street Yoga: Do it for the Children

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streetyoga_headerWe mentioned  a news bit just before the holidays about yoga for the homeless in NYC, adding that we hoped it might catch on. Well, needless to say we were pretty happy to read about Street Yoga, a Portland, OR based organization created to benefit homeless and at-risk youth with free yoga, because well, a $15 class is not going to cut it.

Street Yoga, just like brushing your teeth, but better.

Street Yoga believes that yoga can build physical and mental strength and facilitate the healing process, helping kids feel at home in their own body, mind, and community.

So why yoga when food and shelter are first priority?

At it’s core it’s a matter of respect and dignity. Why do we brush our teeth? Because, at best, it helps us feel more healthy, whole and hopeful. Yoga provides that, and so much more.

So is Street Yoga on the “street”?

No, dummies. Just kidding, we love you, come back!

They also have weekend teacher training workshops if you’re interested in learning useful techniques and perhaps starting a program in your area. As far as we know there is nothing of that nature in NYC right now… are we wrong?

We just want to say we think this is fantastic…and what we’d like to refer as “prehabilitation,” which is to say a better introduction than Prison Yoga.

Next training in Seattle [Seattle P-I]

Street Yoga

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