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Prison Yoga: Happy on the Inside to be Happy on the Outside

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Wake Correctional Center in Raleigh, NC has seen its share of repeat customers. Dr. Steven Landau teaches yoga at the all-male, minimum security prison to hopefully slow down that revolving door. In fact, he’s performed his own micro study showing that inmates who’ve  attended his yoga classes more than 4 times had an 8 percent chance of returning, while those who had attended less than 4 times had a 25 percent chance (who knows how he configured these statistics).

What we do know is that yoga seems to have an overwhelmingly positive affect.

[inmate] Louis Allen says the class has taught him to think before he acts.

“Once you learn to deal with your mental thoughts and control them better, it’s a lot easier in life. And as far as going out, I don’t think I’ll have no problem staying out this time,” he said.

While Dr. Landau claims this program works better than just schooling, due to what he curiously describes as “shifting personality,” (hmm), we’re just glad yoga is providing the tools for potential success on the outside.

“Learn how to be happy here in the present and even happier when you get out,” Dr. Landau announces over the loudspeaker. Great advice if ever we’ve heard it. Keep on keepin on.

By the way, hey California, kinda looks like they’re making due with a plain old  “room”.

Prisoners Turn to Yoga [Raleigh. MyNC.com]



Exercising the Demons: The Case for Prison Yoga

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  • JoAnn

    do you have a video on yoga

  • Bradley Carpenter

    ok this goes to the person that complained about taxpayers pissed why dont you complain about something like the illegal aliens taxpayers are payin for at least these inmate are trying to do better and are participating in activites to correct their lives as they had mad a mistake

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