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In the Future: Watch Yoga on Your Contact Lens!

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smart-contact-lensMaybe we can forget holograms,  soon enough we’ll be watching TV on our contact lenses! So says futurist Ian Pearson who’s convinced this technology will be available in 10 years. The technology is already here actually, they’re just working on fitting it closer to the eye. The age of Virtual Yoga for sure.

Also in the pipeline is “emotional viewing” where “digital tattoos” pick up emotions from characters on TV and pique your senses making you feel the same way they do. Freaky! Empathy as an extreme sport.

Could you imagine the possibilities when it comes to happiness, or bliss? Yogis seek relaxation through yoga practice, but what if you could find euphoria better-than-vicariously through watching feeling it on TV? Not to mention the other usual suspects of reaching ecstasy. ahem, drugs, sex, etc.

[Telegraph UK]

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