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Startin’ Em Young: High School Linebacker Stays Flexible With Yoga

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darren_markleDarren Markle is a 6-foot-1 233-pound high school senior – a pretty good stature for a linebacker, and a powerlifter who can bench press 400 pounds and squat more than 300. Impressive! But we’re cringing just thinking of all that compression on his spine! Indeed, some critics say the chap is too stiff to play linebacker, but Washington State just signed him on scholarship, confident he can play as a freshman. And it’s because of yoga!

That dedication to his workout routine – and that includes yoga to keep him flexible – is a big reason why the 6-foot-1, 233-pound Markle could play as a freshman.

“He has as ready-made a body in the Northwest as anybody. Normally, you can only say that about 300-pound linemen,” said Chris Fetters, a Northwest recruiting analyst for Scout.com. “He’s just a rock.”

Oh they’re starting so young these days, makes mama so proud.

[Idaho Statesman]

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  • I will be training the local high school footbalo team in yoga. What are some key postures you feel beneficial and how can I get in touch with the player mentioned, Darren Markle?

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