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Up(side Down) in the Sky: Yoga For Jet Lag

in Public Display of Yoga, Thanks for the tip, YD News

airplaneUnless you’re Uma Thurman, practicing yoga in the aisle of an airplane may catch you some heat from discerning flight attendants, not to mention the perturbed passengers you’re surya namaskaring into. Understandably though, when cramped on an airplane for hours all you want to do is shimmy around and stretch it out. Seriously, anything longer than 2 hours has us squirming in our seats (related: sitting at a desk all day is some serious torture as well, blargh). So, what to do on a multi-hour flight across time zones with the imminent threat of jet lag? Sara at the HuffPo has you in-flight yogsters covered. You might piss off the people in your row, but obviously getting up as much as possible is your best bet, and believe it or not, inversions. Hanging upside down will help enormously. Oh, and our own special tip we’ve learned? Resist the urge to cross your legs – really. Sit with your feet flat on the floor as much as possible and your lower back will thank you.airplaneyoga

For more in-flight yoga tips grab a Airplane Yoga manual for reference.

Everyday Yoga: Come to Peace with Yoga [Huffington Post]

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