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Yoga Podcasts, the Answer in Recession?

in Recession Yoga

podcast_omSo we saw the headline “Credit Crunch Yoga” and thought it was our YogaTag pal (of the actual creditcrunchyoga.com). Alas, more than anything else, this post on trendhunter is an ad for Les Leventhal’s $20/mo podcast yoga. Shysters. And then we thought, well, $20 is OK, but there are plenty of yoga videos on youtube and fairly frequently updated podcasts that are FREE. YogaToday is the first to come to mind, and Hillary Rubin.  Heck, we’ve even considered doing our own and posting them.

There are tons out there…So we’d like to ask the yogis of the interwebs,  what experience have you had with yoga podcasts at home? Are there any good ones?

Do you wish they would figure out hologram technology already? Oh, light bulb!… we have web seminars…why not web yoga classes? Hm…

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  • Dear Yoga Dork – first I think I love that you name yourself Dork – it’s truly & ridiculously loving. Also, I love that you state that if we don’t have a sense of humor we won’t love your blog. My yoga is the same – we take ourselves so seriously – so if you don’t have a sense of humor, the yoga I teach might be uncomfortable for folks because I encourage falling lots and having fun with that. But but but – yes I satrted a sentence with “but” – folks should know that they can sample sale my yoga and get the first 4 weeks/episodes for only $5.99 and if it’s not for them or the $19.99 for 2 hours and 45 minutes of yoga anytime they want feels like a stretch – they can cancel at anytime they want. Thanks a bunch and a barrel of love for mentioning me here and will I ever get to meet you except in cyberspace??? Lotsa Love and Laughs – Les

  • Thanks for the love.. there is another great one out there http://www.elsiesyogakula.com – mine and hers work well together and you have over 100 classes to choose from..

    all the best and you can also share my free teleseminars..



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