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February Challenge: Lululemon Resists Urge to Exploit Black History Month

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lululemon_monthly_challengeWell here we are in February, a whole new month! And you know what that means.. new challenge for the lulu lollies! Feb happens to be Black History Month and after January’s malappropriate foray into the political  forum and the subsequent debacle, we’re relieved, yet surprised, the luluheads steered clear of further social and racial campaign offensives.

Nope, this month they want you to jump and take a photo of it. Sure it sounds simple enough, but now we know for sure they’re just gagging for your info/photo/email/video. Like with last month’s BHAGs, they mention if you don’t want it to go public, on their new blog they keep threatening us about, then you can let them know. Again, wtf? Incentive?

Oh and clearly you’re aware of their Privacy Policy, right? No? Bad lulus. No worries, we’ll give you the important bit:

We may disclose your personally identifiable information to our subsidiaries or affiliates and to third party partners whom we occasionally hire to provide services on our behalf, including support services, website services, delivering promotional materials, answering customer questions about our services and new services.

So don’t forget you might be jumpasana-ing your way onto the lists of some friendly marketing “partners.”

By the way, we realize even mentioning these challenges we’re advertising for them in a backwards way. But we also don’t underestimate the intelligence and decision-making ability of our conscious readers. So that’s that.

And so, for dessert, we came across this hilarious out of breath rant on Lululemon and the binge-eating stretchability of their yoga pants, and thought to share. It goes something like this…“I hate that the elastic waist allows for easier stress eating. I hate their stupid fucking “manifesto” that reminds me to get a pap smear and look both ways before crossing the street.” Er, you get the idea. And what the hell does “children are the orgasm of life” mean? Read the full tirade here, it’s a pisser. And don’t miss the comments.

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