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Morning Yoga Returns to SXSW Fest to Soothe the Inebriated

in Events, Public Display of Yoga

sxsw2009To all you stressed out SXSW festival goers you can take a chill pill cause Morning Yoga has returned! In recent years the fest has become a real whoring out affair, (pardon the language) of branding and synergy, so why not balance it out with a little yoga. Also, it will probably be beneficial to the inevitably hungover crowd – from our experience SXSW is non-stop partying and getting sloppy on the sauce. Maybe refrain from the inversions sequence this one time. [SXSW]

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  • Hangover Yoga! Sounds like there’s a huge market for that.

  • admin

    @ Art Santos it’s true! yoga and booze seem to be the recession special 😉

  • darla’s hang over yoga class:

    start with a long savasana.
    1- (or 2) bloody mary w/ best quality vodka you have left over
    end with long savasana.

  • yup. i’ll be there – pt

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