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Not a Funeral, Just the Lululemon Warehouse Sale

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lululemon_niagara_warehouse_cardsacceptedMaking people late for work, inciting pneumonia, embittering local businesses, disrupting the dead, all in a day’s work at Lululemon. But all they wanted was to say thank you!

If you made it out to the Niagara Falls warehouse sale this past weekend, we hope you felt the warmth from the bouncing staff – educators?- (and the booze) because there was a strict “no coats / no bags” policy in the store, which had people ditching their outer layers in their cars and booking it for the entrance in single digit temperatures. Also, since the prices dropped every day we hope you just made camp outside and stayed the whole weekend to mooch and make the most of it. Word is they had washrooms – you could certainly do with a sink bath for a few days, right?

So was the trip worth it? One lulu duo said they figured to save $400 trekking to the sale instead of spending the cash at their nearest retail store. Well that’s a lot of money, but how much do these lollies spend on yoga clothes in the first place? Cripes!

Early reports have declared the event a success, even if at the expense of neighboring businesses, including a funeral parlor, and people trying to deal with lemmings traffic:

…the popularity of Lululemon’s sale has left other businesses bitter. Existing businesses had to fight to preserve parking spaces for their own customers and had shipments disrupted by traffic for the sale.

“They drive us crazy. They’re taking all the spots,” said Basha Mahmoud, working the cash register at the Busy Bee convenience store. If parking is an obstacle, people will bypass his store, he said.

The Hetherington and Deans funeral home placed orange pylons on the street to reserve some parking for its customers.

Sheesh, some people just can’t understand greatness. And golly, didn’t they realize this sale was a special “reward” for the area’s loyal loonies lulus?

“The reason we came to this community is because we truly wanted to say thank you,” says Carmen Ip, regional community manager for the Greater Toronto Area.

Well put Carmen. Don’t pay any attention to those goal-less souls.

So were you there? How were the world record lines? Did the top spender beat $3000?? Did you get toasted on the free wine and blow your child’s college tuition on a yoga bra? We want to know! Send us your stories. yogadork@gmail.com

[Niagara Falls Review]

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