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This Week in Yoga: It’s the End of January As We Know It

in This Week in Yoga

That’s a Wrap!


And so, with this next day, January 2009 comes to a close. It’s been a rough week/month for the American worker, in what some could describe as a “corporate death march” with thousands of jobs cut all around. Alas we are still standing and ready to make it work from here. Have to keep things moving! Life does not slow down, and sometimes that is a good thing.

Here are the top headlines in yoga this week…

We discovered Lululemon is still chugging along steadily in their goal to exploit our new president to sell yoga pants.

We asked the burning question, What’s a Man to Wear to Yoga Class?

We learned that the yoga ban in Indonesia is not deterring the determined: Yoga Ban Not Stopping Indonesian Yogis

There’s Yoga in Baseball!

Martha Stewart does yoga, Doga not so much.

Nap time is making a comeback in the city that never sleeps.

David Lynch and Paul McCartney are getting transcendental.

Plans for the Weekend: Enjoy the Superbowl festivities and keep your eye out for yoga! Superbowl XLIII: Both Teams Do Yoga!

OR have fun at the FREE yoga session at MoMA

For those braving the elements at the Lululemon warehouse sale, we hope some of those elements are your fair share of free yoga and booze.

Also, we have to give a big HUGE thanks and shout out to YD pal Darla at darlateachesyoga.com for contributing to our Lulu/tea fund! Our profound gratitude.

Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu

Have a great weekend!

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