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What’s a Man to Wear to Yoga Class?

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mens_yogawear_nytimesAn article in today’s NY Times poses the eternal question, What’s a man to wear to yoga class?

It’s true, there isn’t much in the way of options for yoga dudes out there, as retailers primarily target the female bod (wallet). But is there even a demanding market? Sure, brands like prAna, Lululemon and Barefoot Yoga bring their share of offerings, but we have to figure if the Lulus haven’t already launched a full assault maybe the demand isn’t really there? When it comes to men, the bottom region seems to present the biggest issue – with shorts too baggy inversions can be quite scandalous! and tight spandex might be for the cocky…ahem – but on top, a t-shirt or tank top can suffice nicely, besides the benefit of it being a cheap and abundant option.

The problem with some of the men’s yogawear out there is it’s either too retro-70’s-hippie or it’s too much money to spend on just a pair of shorts for yoga. The guys in the article mention opting mostly for other gym-type clothing like rugby shorts that don’t ride up or running gear for yoga class, or mix-and-match from American Apparel, JCrew etc. Who can blame them?

We don’t know the demographics of participants in our little “What do YOU wear to yoga class?” poll down on the sidebar there, and granted it hasn’t exactly received an onslaught of votes, but 66% of voters say they wear a mix and match of clothing, not too concerned about trends or spending the money. We’d be willing to bet for guys the percentage is much higher. So is the men’s yoga boutique really missing?

Or, here’s our question: Do guys really care?

ps. there’s a nice little slideshow with the article

Yoga and the Missing Boutique [NY Times]

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  • I wear the retro 70 hippie shorts and a sporty T-shirt.
    Off course I never forget my meditations cushion. To answer at your final answer: Yes, as a guy I really care and I think most of the man that practice Yoga care about the clothes.



  • Keith

    Any t-shirt and $30 Gap lounge pants work for me!

  • claus kanstrup

    Prana makes perfect clothes to move around in… I also wear it a everyday clothes + its eco and enviroment friendly. The sutra pants is a must have <3


  • I wear whatever shorts I have going, even if they’re corduroy cargo whatev…and no shirt. In the winter, I leave a pair of Verve shorts rolled in the middle gap between my rolled-up yoga mat, which I store at the studio.

  • Ken

    I wear some dark lycra briefs for the following reasons:
    1. better view of form
    2. less water retention
    3. no restriction of movement
    4. they lift and support and do not “smish”

    Women wear similar tops and bottoms I assume for the same reasons.

  • Tuck

    Why not wear a leotard and tights.
    Sure it might sound bad, but they really feal great.

    • Thomas Rizzo

      I agree. I’m a male that ♥s to wear hose or tights. They feel good and are very practical.

  • Alexander

    I want to start taking yoga classes. Someone suggested I try out Hot Yoga. What should I be wearing to Hot Yoga? Or does anyone suggest I start off with a different type of yoga?

    In advance, thank you for your feedback! 🙂

    • For bikram, you’ll be stripping down to as little as possible as you heat up, a good pair of shorter shorts, either the running kind or lycra work well. a low cut tank top that isn’t too loose is good if you dont like to strip down topless. if its too loose it will cover your face and obstruct breathing if you are inverted or bent over.

      during practice if your mind is wandering and distracted about what you are wearing you need to fix that more than your wardrobe… focus.

  • Andy

    After teaching yoga professionally for over ten years now, I just started wearing yoga tights. First off, they feel great to wear. But the main reason is to see form correctly, especially in the hips and no restriction in movement. Yes, you must wear them keeping in mind a guys anatomy, so be more modest wearing tighter fitting underwear. Point is…be modest. Yoga isn’t the place to show off your package. Although most women show off their” girls” a lot, right?!

    • BrendaF

      I wear compression shorts or tights and a snug fitting tank top. My instructor (female) said compression wear was best because it allows her to see and correct form. After wearing a Green Lantern unitard to out Christmas Eve fancy dress session, a male instructor and I were challenged to find more colourful mens comoression / running tights. There is a growing range, even from the likes of Nike. With Nike tights, I need to wear a g-string athletic support underneath, but with Skins / 2XU everything is firmly and comfortably held in place. As for the “bulge”, really people need to get over it. Men have external genitalia. Just like women expect people to look at them as a person and not stare at their breasts, apply the same for your male classmates. 🙂 Meanwhile, I am considering wearing a black dance unitard, which is very comfortable – just a bit plainer than Green Lantern! Women wear similar outfits, so why not?

      • BrendaF

        “… unitard to our Christmas Eve fancy dress session…. ”
        “… men’s compression/ running tights …”
        Doh! My typoing wint wrang!

    • BrendaF

      “… unitard to our Christmas Eve fancy dress session…. ”
      “… men’s compression/ running tights …”
      Doh! My typoing wint wrang!

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