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Yoga + Nap Time in the City That Never Sleeps

in YD News

Have you ever fallen asleep in savasana? Yes? Wussies. Just kidding! We’re not ashamed to admit dosing off, and how funny (and endearing) is it when you hear your neighboring yogi give a little snore? It feels pretty good to get in a some snoozetime. Well, now there’s a class for that.  Equinox on the Upper East Side is now offering yoga+meditation+powernap in a group class called PowerNap-Plus (really). It’s 20 minutes of “free-flowing” yoga and meditation followed by 15-20 minutes of power napping.

“The point of the class, we’re all sleep deprived, we’re overstimulated, we’re over-stressed,” says instructor LaShaun Dale. “Many of us are overexercised in this population and it is really meant to create an environment and an appointment for you to take a first step, an initial step toward wellness.”

Restorative yoga might have the same effect, no? Honestly if we had the luxury of an hour in the middle of the day to just go off and snooze you can believe we’d be drooling on our pillows in no time. But right now we might have to stick to the 5 minute serenity breaks here and there throughout the day. And anyway, isn’t this the city that never sleeps?! We’re on our third cup of tea!


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