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Swami Ramdev Weighs in on Muslim Yoga Ban: Chant “Allah” Instead

in World News, YD News

In light of recent yoga ban news in Indonesia, the world’s foremost yog spokesguru Swami Ramdev has been quoted in his support of a non-religion encroaching practice. While some Islamic scholars and government officials say just do yoga without the chanting, Ramdev goes the fill-in-the-blank route:

Yoga guru Swami Ramdev had earlier said that one could do yoga without pronouncing ‘Om’ and in fact could substitute it with ‘Allah’ or God’ or any other word. Ramdev’s Haridwar-based Patanjali Yogapeeth has already asked its Christian and Muslim followers to begin yoga with a prolonged utterance of Allah or God.

See? Yoga is just like Godtube or pop music, just fill in your own worshiped deity.

[Indian Express]

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  • NaNo

    i have to disagree with this. I’m Egyptian and i do yoga everyday but as a type of exercise to build strength ,endurance and to bring peace and to overcome stressful life however it’s not allowed by any way to practice it as a religious practice even if we say the name Allah instead of om in chanting we have our prayers to worship Allah ,we have AL-QURAN AL-KARIM to be close to Allah we don’t need any other chanting to feel the presence of Allah with us all the time,so be free to do yoga as a sport for body and mind but be careful not to invite something not from our religion just to feel free to say chanting that wasn’t made for Allah at the first place

  • mpfor

    and what about sufi practices ? they are almost the same if not identical..i dont think yoga or meditation goes against Islam in anyway as long as your goal is to reach god and peace within yourself.

  • Ashok

    Yoga is not the property of Hindus, muslim & Christians. Its a feel of universe. If we practice this, we can feel whole universe within us. Unfortunatly few Hindus follow and make this as their property… It was created before religion was creat.

    • bharat bhushan

      Even if computers were discovered by christians , doesn’t mean other should not use it.

  • Chris

    Pathetic Indonesians.
    Do they even know that their own Indonesian forefathers were all once proud Hindus, before they fell prey to the wicked and relentless evangelism of Islamic-missionaries ? The Indonesian language is at least 60 % Sanskrit.

    Islum has nothing of value to offer to this world. Throughout history Islum has been stealing the best things from other cultures and proclaiming it as its own invention. They might well attempt such intellectual-theft, in the case of Yoga too.

    For instance, the numerals that we know today as Arabic-numerals are actually Hindu-numerals. The entire number-system, the decimal system, the concept of zero were all invented by Hindu mathematicians. As the Arabs came into contact with India, they absorbed this knowledge, and transmitted it to the West, which then, mistakenly attributed to the Arabs the invention of the numerals.

    All over India, the invading Arab barbarians ran amok, laying waste unbelievable works of Hindu art. In many cases, the invading Arabs merely took possession of a Hindu edifice, and converted it into a Muslim edifice.

    Thus, the Taj Mahal is actually a Shiva temple, known as the “Tej-o-Mahalya”, which the Mughal barbarian king Shah-Jehan took over by force from a Rajput king of India.

    Shah Jahan then went about Islumifying the Tej-o-Mahalya, resulting in the edifice we know today as the Taj Mahal. True to his Mughal barbarian ideology, once the Taj Mahal project was completed, Shah Jehan had all the engineers, architects, craftsmen and labourers either killed, maimed or imprisoned, so that they might never again re-create such ethereal magic anywhere else, and also to maintain secret the Hindu origins of the Taj-Mahal.

    • Muselman

      hahah your pathetic…
      its kinda a bit sad! I feel sorry for your poor poor cow worshipping hindu forefathers “Chris”.. you probably mean “Ranjit”

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