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David Lynch and Paul McCartney Team Up for Transcendental Meditation Benefit Concert

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Enigmatic director David Lynch (Erasurehad, Twin Peaks, Lost Highway) has announced plans for a huge benefit concert to raise money for his projects in transcendental meditation. What projects? Well we’re going to bet you weren’t aware of the David Lynch Foundation, an organization he started in 2005 that donates money to schools and children for programs to teach them transcendental mediation technique*, and also funds research institutions for evaluating the effects of the practice.

A message from David states:

The stresses of today’s world are taking an enormous toll on our children right now. There are hundreds of schools, with thousands of students, who are eager to relieve this stress and bring out the full potential of every student by providing this Consciousness-Based education today.

The “global benefit” is slated for April 4 in NYC and will feature Moby, Sheryl Crow, Pearl Jam guitarist Eddie Vedder, Donovan and of course the Macca, Sir Paul McCartney.

David Lynch has been honing his meditation muscle for the past 34 years, and 2 years ago got close to the method’s predominant proponent Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, whom we all know Sir Paul famously visited with the Beatles in the late 60s (and who passed away last February at age 91). Apparently David Lynch convinced Maharishi to lower the cost of the yogic courses so more students could participate and has spent the last 2 years touring the world promoting it.

Next up is a film documenting his mission to deliver the meditation message.

And for Paul, well, we just hope he’s working on more of his yoga videos. (If you haven’t seen Sir Paul’s eye yoga you must)

* in short, transcendental meditation is the technique practiced for twenty minutes twice a day while sitting with one’s eyes closed, involving a “meaningless” mantra given by a certified TM instructor, but involving no concentration of contemplation [wikipedia link if you like]


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  • 4thDoctor

    It’s great that big name artists are supporting the David Lynch Foundation’s efforts to teach 1 million children TM. I’ve been practicing TM for a while now, and it has transformed my life. I feel happy and capable of fulfilling my desires; whereas previously I didn’t. And I’m not alone in these results. The DLF was created because so many people worldwide have benefitted from TM. See Transcendental Meditation & Classroom Stress This concert will help a million young people to receive these advantages in their own lives.

  • Caterina

    I think this is one of the best things I have heard in a long time. For one thing, it is just going to be an incredible concert, and for another, it is really heartening to hear that these artists want to show their support for such a good cause. I practice the Transcendental Meditation Technique (http://www.tmbusiness.org/about-tm/ ) and so does most of my family (my kids included, and that thanks to David Lynch an his foundation), it’s a great technique and it really helps children; every one of them deserves to be given the chance to experience the deep silence and profound rest that Transcendental Meditation provides. By the way, for more information on the concert you can also see at http://www.davidlynchfoundation.org/

  • Kay

    Wow, thank you Sir Paul and David Lynch, for doing something so valuable and so desperately needed for children everywhere! For 8 years, our children attended a school where Transcendental Meditation is part of the curriculum, and they absolutely blossomed there. My husband and I are very thankful for the greater health, clarity of mind and inner stability that they gained. It was the best investment we could have made for their future. I highly recommend http://www.tmeducation.org/ as a great resource for anyone wanting to know more.

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