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Lululemon Persists In Goal of Exploiting Obama to Sell Yoga Pants

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Stop the presses! Lululemon Flatiron IS Lululemon Union Square. Is STILL exploiting President Obama, now with the help of First Lady Michelle!

Blast! Wouldn’t you know those sneaky goalsetters at Lululemon have pulled a fast one. It’s true, they’ve gone ahead and shuttered the Flatiron store in light of the finally unleashed Union Square outpost (a plan we surmised last fall, but which was never confirmed nor denied by the lulu crew). We cried foul on the gross proximity of the two locations and the fact that the “ambassadors” were identical for either store – which is now cleared up, thank goodness! Frankly, Lululemon, we’re disappointed in you. With all the positive thinking surely you could’ve sustained the two stores. But as NYC retail blog Racked pointed out, you really only need one yoga store per every 10 or so city blocks, right?

So they spent lots of Canadian dollars opening the temporary space and moving etc., and somehow managed to still outdo themselves in Obama-exploiting window displays! This lulu politicObama train is not slowing down. The full assault below…

Union Square store:

You might have trouble seeing, but those are indeed the visages of Pres. Barack and Michelle Obama in what appear to be caricatures a little too reminiscent of the Fat Albert cartoon. While not exactly the “Drunken Negro Head” cookies it’s pretty offensive to see the cartooned heads of our new President and First Lady (who we don’t know even practice yoga!) plastered to mannequins for the purpose of shoving an ideology and $80 yoga pants down our throats. It’s rather despicable, really.

But not surprising…

Original disturbing “Ombama” Ad complete with Natarajasana (dancer’s pose) tattoo

Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Jr., Barack Obama window display found in all of the stores

Even more offensive is this quote was pulled from an NPR report from October 2008, originally a text message from one African American worker to another encouraging his friend to vote in the Missouri state race. Now exploited as a Lululemon advertisement to sell yoga clothes.

Where’s the Fox “Shame, Shame, Shaaame” crew when you need it?

photo credit Flatiron closed

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