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Staying Hopeful for Yoga Day USA 2009

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Well you may not have known it, but this Saturday, January 24 is Yoga Day USA! Once again there’s not much hoopla surrounding what is supposed to be the nation’s biggest yoga awareness event, BUT on a week as momentous as this we’re “hopeful” that even more people will participate and learn about yoga in 2009. This year actually marks the 10th Anniversary of Yoga Day USA (don’t feel bad, we didn’t know either).

For those who are wondering, the annual event is sponsored by Yoga Alliance as an opportunity for the curious to explore yoga for themselves, with some free or “nearly free” classes and workshops held by local studios (who in turn get some helpful marketing exposure). Yes, it’s kind of a pimping-out-yoga day, but some studios will be donating to charities, so you don’t have to feel so much like a patronizing john. Besides, in this economy, a promotional kick in the yoga pants like this is even more crucial to the vitality of the ‘mom and pop’ studios.

To find out about events in your area check the Yoga Day USA website.

The listings for NYC are pretty scant at the moment.


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