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Mass. City Workers Get State Grant for Yoga

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There are some lucky city workers up in Attleboro, MA! (well, we’re not sure they think so, but aanyway…) The state has given the Department of Public Health a $4,000 grant to fund exercise programs, and over 50 percent of the workers surveyed suggested yoga!

The $4,000 award from the Department of Public Health is part of a pilot program to improve the health of municipal workers and reduce costs.

While the short-term goal is to help employees become healthier, the ultimate intent is a reduction in sick days and lower health insurance premiums, both of which would save money for the city, Health Agent Jim Mooney said.

We should also mention that there are 1,400 city employees, 800 surveys went out (with low expectations), and only 200 returned. And of those 200, 160 were from women. Also, $4,000 couldn’t possibly last very long. Still, it’s a start right? A commendable motion, and maybe it will build a trend, or in the very least encourage the workers to continue an exercise routine on their own. Healthy people make for cheaper health care costs for all! Ask Swami Ramdev!

Do you think it’s a good use of taxpayers’ money?

Yoga for city workers [The Sun Chronicle]

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  • We have been running yoga classes for men and women starting from 21yrs to 70years since last four years due to the rising cost of hall hire and yoga teachers payment we need more money, if there is any grant available for the purpose please do let me know. I will be grateful if you cannot then give name of any where we can apply.

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