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What do Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., Barack Obama and Lululemon Have in Common? The Internet Responds

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As an update to our post “Is Lululemon Getting Too Political with Obama-Lovin, Racially Tinged Window Displays?

Turns out we’re not crazy for posing the question…

Response from the blogosphere, hyper-ballad’s blog:

I’ve been lululemon’s customer for the longest time, and this ad just pisses me off. It’s really disturbing. Who are those “our children” they’re referring to? Do they mean “African American children”? I mean, really, should we all wait on others “like us” to achieve greatness so we can rise up on their coattails?  This really sums up the racial plight here in this country.  Get up out of your seat and take charge of your life, don’t wait for others to pick you up!

Gimme a break. They went too far with this ad.

Also, the discussion continues in the comments section of Yoga Journal’s Yoga Buzz blog post announcing the “Ombama Ad“… some responses:

Maggie K says: “While I always enjoy reading my Yoga Journal, I was disturbed when I saw the back cover of this issue. I don’t think that yoga and politics are a good combination. If this magazine, that promotes healing through Yoga, is going to turn political I may have to rethink my subscription.”

Yelba Osorio says: “And a note to the guy who wants to re-think his subscription because of this “political ad” — Again — yoga is not about compartmentalizing — yoga means, as stated above, union; everything in our human existence. Last I checked that includes our political figures.”

Sarah Palmer says: “I happen to be one of those people ‘on the other side of the political spectrum’ and while I was a bit annoyed to see this on the back cover of my beloved Yoga Journal magazine I didn’t find it offensive or off putting. It doesn’t necessarily strike me as an ‘inspiring’ add so much as a support add.”

Adan says: “I do wonder however if this ad is helping people accept reality or whether it is increasing the expectations heaped on Obama to a point that they cannot ever be satisfied or distorting the reality for non-supporting of Obama. Only time will tell…” Adan

James Surber says: “I think politics does not fit well with yoga for the simple reason that too many folks, yogis included, place far too much faith in politicians. Besides being disillusioned, they are simply ignorant of the facts, so are bound to be continually dissapointed in their politicians. If the folks at lululemon wish to support their favorite politician, that is their choice, but they stand to lose potential customers if the customer does not agree. That is the choice they have made.”

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