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Yoga Coaxing Figure Skater Sasha Cohen Out of Retirement

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We know Sasha Cohen as the bubbly Olympic figure skater and star of 2006’s underrated Will Ferrell flick “Blades of Glory” ( we saw it at home and actually thought it was hilarious), and now we can add dedicated Yogi to the list. Thanks to mom Galina’s aches and pains (we guess?) Sasha was introduced to yoga about 2 years ago and has been loving the practice, which she does about 5 days a week and as a warm-up before skating.

“The best thing about yoga — as opposed to the gym or weights — is that you have to use your own body, and it makes you really aware of all the connections and how to balance yourself,” Sasha says.

“I do it at home, on tour buses, hotels, and even airplanes,” she says. “One of the things I like about yoga is that all you need is a mat and some space on the floor.”

We hadn’t realized Sasha retired from competitive skating after winning the silver in the 2006 Winter Olympics — she’s only 24! (which, granted is probably 34 in skater years). And she probably didn’t realize yoga would make her stronger than ever, giving her enough balance and stamina to possibly coax her back into the 2010 Vancouver Olympic tryouts, a decision she’ll have to make by this summer.

“I wish I had taken it up much earlier,” Sasha says. “It will always be a part of my life now.”

Tell us about it sister.

[USA Today]

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  • Camille Y

    I think yoga is a great way to warm up and down after and before figure skating. I am an intense figure skater myself and I love yoga too. In fact.. I’m off to do some right now!

    Well done Galina for introducing Sasha to something that will benefit her greatly. Wish you well in the 2010 Olympics! Love you Sasha

    Camille. y

  • DC

    Yoga is gay.

  • nyura

    hi iam nyura and i really like sasha cohen when she skates and I like
    to see her win in olympics.

  • nana

    hello !

  • nana

    me name is nana .

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