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Yoga Journal’s ‘Samadhi & the City’: Final Goodbye Post from San Fran

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As we saw the farewell of NYC’s blogger in residence break the news of Yoga Journal cutbacks, meaning the subsequent demise of their Samadhi & the City blog, so comes the final word from San Francisco yogi Karen Macklin to bid adieu.

San Francisco: All Good Things…

It’s a tough time right now for the economy, and I have some sad news. Due to budgetary constraints in the new year, Samadhi & The City is being discontinued.

I have so loved writing this column every week for the last year and a half. And I’ve also loved hearing your thoughts about my posts and your practices, whether you commented here on the site or sent me personal emails. Together, we’ve looked at just about every aspect of the local yoga scene, from new yoga studios, movies, and books to exciting events, kirtans, cooking classes, and even the presidential election.”

If you were a fan, Miz Macklin will be on deck to blog for YJ Conference in SF next weekend, and posting weekly on her own newly-minted blog SFYogahead.

And so, another one bites the dust. The third in the Samadhi trifecta, Stacie Stukin, has yet to chime in from her LA post. We still don’t entirely get how backing away from the internet could possibly save money in the long run. Seems the exact opposite way to go, no? The lulus would think so.

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