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Update: ‘Yoga Stick’ Murder Confession Airs

in YD News

Today a gruesome update to the murder of NY Realtor-to-the-stars, Linda Stein, who was “whacked” by her assistant in 2007. A tape that aired yesterday shows the assistant’s confession, and details of the “whacking” with the infamous weapon of choice, the “yoga stick,” described as a 3-foot baton. We’re still not entirely sure what that thing is, though we’ve had our guesses, and consensus says it’s some kind of pilates baton. In any case, Natavia Lowery, the assistant, said she snapped and just wanted her badgering boss to “leave me alone,” she said.

Obviously, whacking was not the best option, lady! However, we’ve all been there – pushed to the edge like we’re ready to snap – so in a way we feel for Ms. Lowery, who in the heat of the moment snapped the wrong way. And let this be a lesson to us all: yoga props do not make a yogic environment! Hostility is effervescent, all we can do is use the tools we got to temper the tantrum. And that is why we’re so grateful for yoga.

I snapped & whacked her: Chilling confession in Linda Stein slay aired [NY Daily News]

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