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Meditations on Mutations: Museum Yoga

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Art Museums have always given us a sort of ethereal feel, being amidst the hard work and multitude of stories and history soaked into the canvas, it’s kind of like stepping into a thousand artsy brains in a time warp. (Far out, we know). Art is a transformative medium, one that is both reflective of the artist’s intention, and interpretive, subject to the beholder. That’s why this new mutation of “museum yoga,” or “art yoga” sounds so intriguing – it’s yoga in an art museum! It’s also somewhat surprising considering that museums tend not to be the most lax on protective measures – we’re guessing there will be no handstands at the wall here. Meditating on art sounds pretty enchanting though.

If you’re in the Baltimore area check out the Winter Yoga Series hosted by the Baltimore Museum of Art. It’s apparently “based on the museum’s collection of American Art” – we don’t’ really know what that means, but the teacher leading the series, Brianna Bedigian, has a BA in Art History, so perhaps a little art lesson comes with the price of the ticket, which sad to say is not free.

Yoga: Rest, Renew, Restore at Baltimore Museum of Art

Beginning on Tuesday, January 13, 2009 at 6-7pm and 7-8pm, and continuing for six consecutive Tuesdays.

$85 BMA Members
$100 non-Members

Via Yoga + Art Winter Series at BMA [Examiner]

More Museum Yoga – here’s a story from 2006  Artsy Yoga Soothes the Soul, Tones the Body [MSNBC]

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