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Lululemon Wants Your Goalsetting BHAG for Their New Blog

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Lululemon is threatening us with a new challenge for each month this year (and a new blog to come some time soon). This is the first “challenge”:

“In the spirit of change and renewal that comes with a new year, this month we challenge you to share your BHAGs with us.”

In Luluspeak, BHAG (pronounced B-Hag, although we prefer bag, as in baggage) means Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal. Yes, they are hokey cornballs for sure.

So the idea is, pour your hearts out in photo/video/email form and send it to them so they can sift through and pick their faves to be posted on their new blog. Good times! It’s not a contest, though, so anyone looking to snag free schwag don’t get your hopes up.

In all seriousness, we believe setting goals can be super useful in realizing and achieving your dreams. Sure you can meander through life, but if you don’t have some sort of a map, how will you head in the direction you really want to go? However, we do sort of wonder why you wouldn’t just do this for yourselves rather than give it up to be exploited by a “yoga-inspired” clothing corporation marketing an ideology. Right? Just sayin.

There’s even a disclaimer stating that if you don’t want your name or entry public just let them know. Why on earth would you send it then??

If it helps you though, (and if you’re holding out that you’ll still score some free clothes) by all means go for it!

Lululemon Monthly Challenge

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  • hi. I enjoyed your last post. However, If I may speak for a “yoga-inspired” clothing company, (www.swamibabyboutique.com) postive can just be better than negative. I am a yoga teacher and mother of three. I sell children’s clothes that are yoga inspired as a way to stay in my field. I’d rather see my crying baby in a shirt that says “just breathe, mom” than one that says “get be a bottle bitch” I am not saying, I am just saying.

  • admin

    Hi Katie,
    Thanks so much for reading first of all and taking the time to comment!
    We just want to clarify…we have nothing against yoga-inspired companies. Instead we were being cheeky, because that is what Lululemon refers to themselves as – “yoga-inspired.”

    “lululemon athletica is a yoga-inspired athletic apparel company that provides components for people to live a longer, healthier and more fun life. By producing products that keep people active and stress free, lululemon believes that the world will be a better place.”


    We saw your clothes and they’re totally cute 🙂

    also, we featured some yoga inspired baby apparel in our holiday yoga gift guide

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