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Lululemon “Ombama” Ad Cute, Somewhat Disturbing

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UPDATED 1/22/09

This is Lululemon’s kinda cute, rather creepy “Ombama” ad currently featured on the back cover of the Jan/Feb issue of Yoga Journal. Something about it just weirds us out.

Their explanation: “Yoga brings about transformation and change, just as a new president does. 🙂 ” lululemon flickr

Except Obama isn’t a yogi as far as we know (that would be nice).

Via Lululemonblog.com

UPDATE: We figured it out!

So besides the disturbing fact that Lululemon used the likeness of President Obama to sell yoga-inspired clothing, we figured out why this ad is especially weird! We were peering at the image and noticed something we hadn’t seen before.

Is that a Natarajasana tattoo on his arm? click for the enlarged image…

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  • its the graphic lululeon uses on their shopping bags on on the goal tending web site of theirs. basically, they have branded the new US president…someone whom others are looking towards for home and change….with a logo of a retailer of obscenely priced, unnecessary yoga clothes. as you can surely tell, i’m rather offended by this ad.

  • GiGi Godin

    The ad started my own personal boycott of lululemon and Yoga Journal. I hope it all works out for them . (sarcasm)

    • Gabby

      I started my own personal boycott of Lululemon and Yoga Journal as well. The whole idea that one political party is more Yoga-like than another is just wrong. Lululemon, leave politics out of Yoga. I practice to escape that stress.

  • Danusia

    I’ve got this one hanging up by my desk at work! Did you see the latest lululemon “Yoga pill” ad. Too funny!!! One of the side effects of the yoga pill is “a hot bod”! ; )

  • Cari

    Perhaps all of you who were offended by this ad should go do some yoga, take a few breaths and focus on more important things than a stupid advertisement.

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