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Yoga Journal Hit by Economy, Cans Blogs

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It’s amazing just how quickly the country is responding to the economic crisis. With jobs being slashed everywhere before the year was even out, and celebs eschewing the extra plump shot of botox, by now you’d figure we’d be desensitized by all the bloodshed. Still, it came as a shocker to hear that mega yoga mag Yoga Journal, in an effort to make cutbacks, has discontinued blogs Yoga Buzz and Samadhi & the City starting the first of the year. Confirmation came in the form of a kind of sad “final post” from either of the two somewhat scant yet consistently informative blogs. As Valerie Reiss of Samadhi put it, “the blog’s savasana will commence.” We’re not sure if these bloggers were officially laid off, or if we can expect a more official announcement on the way (perhaps revealing even more cutbacks).

Full goodbye posts below:

From Samadhi & the City:

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